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One of the most commonly misdiagnosed and google diagnosed ‘injuries’ that presents to musculoskeletal clinics the world over.

The Sciatic Nerve is a big nerve that runs from your low back, through your pelvis, under your glute muscles, down the hamstrings, behind you knee and under the calf where it disappears into the foot.

When it is affected you will have a burning length of fire down the back of your leg, usually with some altered sensation in your foot, pins and needles sort of thing.

Commonly attributed to a disc injury it can also be caused by muscles leaning on the nerve along it’s path from the low back to the foot.

More common however is pain referral patterns down the back of the leg or into the glutes (your bum muscles).

Often slight joint sprains, or nasty one, can confuse the brain as to where the injury is, and the brain makes you feel pain across a broader area than just the location of injury.

This process can also occur in muscles. Muscles that are contracted or spasmed, think hip muscles after a full day shovelling, can also send messages to the brain that they’re overdone but the brian gets a little confused and you feel pain down the back of the leg.

Errol St Osteo will search for the cause of the injury, whether it be muscle, joint or disc and correct it.

Then using hands on Osteopathic skills and some Pilates concepts work with you to alleviate the pain, that’s the easy part.

And once you’re pain free Errol St Osteo will teach you how to move such that it won’t occur again.