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Phones and Necks and Falling Off Heads

Last week we (collective ‘we’ of the interwebs and of Errol St Osteo) got a bit excited about a graphic and it’s associated article published in The Atlantic. The image is attached to this post, thank you The Atlantic.

It described that leaning forward and looking at your phone placed a heavy load on the neck and that if you did it too much your head would drop off.

There was a general outcry of how bad phones, tablets and laptops are followed by the usual exclamation of “This would never have happened in the good old days, in the old days people spoke to each other, kids were respectful, they got out the way of their elders….. etc”

Well have a look at the attached image and compare the medium, newspapers vs phones.

Situations like this, whereby we think how much better things once were always reminds me of this quote:

“Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

Attributed to Socrates 5th Century BC

It is human nature to think that what was before was better but that is not necessarily true.

We as a society have taken short cuts that have made our lives easier, we could benefit from less processed foods and less sedentary lifestyles. But we must be careful about paleofantasies.

Paleofantasy: the misguided belief that everything that was before was better.


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