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Headaches are the worst. And yet so many people think they are normal. Just pop a couple of painkillers and get back to it.

But if you had an ankle that got sore every day for no apparent reason would you just pop a couple of painkillers? Or a sore wrist that just was there every morning?

Probably not.

But headaches have achieved a level of normalcy within our society that other musculoskeletal injuries have been unable to.

The World Health Organisation deems that approximately 70% of headaches are caused by neck or or jaw muscles and joints.

So what can be done?

Diagnosis is the first step.

Errol St Osteo in North Melbourne do a full orthopedic and cranial nerve examination on all headache sufferers as well as take a thorough history.

Between the movement tests and the history we are able to determine what type of headache you are suffering and the best course to take from there.

Interestingly whilst we at Errol St Osteo started out wanting to treat elite athletes we have become a referral point for local doctors to send their headache patients.

This is not the area we thought we would get into but it is fascinating.

A few questions for you to ask yourself if you are a regular headache sufferer are

What is your jaw doing?

Where are your shoulders?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are the headaches associated with stress, menstrual cycles, food types/meals, times of day?

A really easy trick for headaches is to pay attention to what it is you are doing in the hour or two before it presents as this is a likely contributing factor.

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