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Low Back Pain

How to fix low back pain in North Melbourne?

Low back pain can come from joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and very rarely from nerves.

It comes in three predominant forms, acute, subacute or chronic.

Acute low back pain is the one where you bend over to pick up a piece of paper, your back spasms, and then for several days any time you laugh, smile, think, or move incorrectly you are turned into a sweaty, teary mess.

In North Melbourne back pain can occur when spending too long bent over the newspaper at your local cafes drinking coffee, or chasing your kids around the North Melbourne play grounds.

Children are usually quite unforgiving of this condition.

Subacute back pain is similar but less awful. People can still walk and move and work but they aren’t at their best.

This can be relieved with some gentle hands on Osteopathy, a touch of pilates and some water walking.

It is usually predisposed by an activity that you had been doing the day or two prior to the injury.

Chronic low back pain is the type that has been around for 6 weeks or more. It varies in intensity, for some people it comes and goes, for others it is a constant in their life.

With chronic low back pain the challenge for the practitioner is in determining what is occurring in your life, in the way that you move, in the way that you hold yourself, that is causing your pain.

Sometimes it’s as simple as your desk set up, sometimes its the way that you stand or run, sometimes its in the movement pattern of bending forward, one time it was how tight a belt was, another time a new haircut.

The predisposing factors for chronic low back pain are wide and varied but rest assured with the right advice, the right treatment and some exercise it can be helped.

In this day and age of modern medicine we, the musculoskeletal community, are better prepared to determine the cause of your back pain and help you to alleviate it. No matter how long it’s been there.

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