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Knee Pain

Knee pain comes in a variety of shapes and forms with differing rhymes and reasons for its occurrence.

For ease of understanding we will deal with them in ‘traumatic’ and ‘non-traumatic’ terms.

Traumatic knee injuries occur when there is a sudden pain that comes on from a sudden change of direction, direct force/collision or landing. They require a full orthopedic examination and sometimes some radiological imaging.

Depending on the results of the examination, and imaging if required, hands on Osteopathic care with the aid of pilates based movement advice can help alleviate the pain, or if surgery is required it can work as pre-hab or rehabilitation.

All of which the osteo’s at Erro St Osteo in North Melbourne can perform with aplomb.

Non-traumatic knee injuries are a different kettle of fish. They are usually an overuse/overload injury.

Whether it be running, or hill hiking, or kneeling, or gymming, or sitting there will be something occurring whereby a muscle or joint is being used more than it would like.

With a repeated pattern a tiny discrepancy can become a bigger issue.

Hot tip:

If you are currently sitting with your feet tucked under your chair and you usually get pain under your kneecap when going up or down stairs, don’t.

As with most non-traumatic injuries the best thing to do is to determine the cause of the overload with your Osteo/Physio/GP/pilates instructor.

At Errol St Osteo in North Melbourne we will work on your movement through activities to see if you are doing something that overloads the knees.

We’ll look at your work and home ergonomics.

And once the cause has been found we will alleviate your pain with a combination of hands on Osteopathic care and Pilates based movement advice.