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Episode 15 – Card Playing Recuperation

I got home last night a little late after having had dinner at a friend’s.

Bones was up and was statuesquely waiting for me to play cards.

We’ve played a lot the last 3 days since he came home. He really enjoys it.

And so do I but he is a hopeless cheat.

Within 10 seconds of me having dealt Bones will have ‘accidentally’ dropped something on the ground.

He’ll mutter an apology about his clumsiness as he frantically jams cards into his pocket under the table.

I do have to make sure I win the odd game though as he is an unbearable winner.

He isn’t a very original sledger. And worse, when comes up with one he likes he uses it over and over.

Last night I was told that the local primary school has classes on how to play cards for beginners.

Six times.

Errol St Osteo: Hasn’t Seen Bones Without Hoodie On For 3 Days

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