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Episode 9: The SSA Endorses Trump

Bones skipped his sun salutations this morning in favour of cheering on his main man The Donald.

In recent weeks he has been reading a lot. Researching.

He “knows” that Crooked Shillery was the assassin of JFK and the instigator of 9/11.

And he is totally convinced that she is against skeletal equality and wants to enslave the world as part of an Illumanati plan.

When I asked for proof he presented internet memes of the flat earth and said “You sheeple just have no idea do you? Do our own research.”

Errol St Osteo: Is An Apolitical Health Clinic That Does Not Endorse One Small Fingered Vulgarian Over Their Opponent

Posted in : The Exploits of Bones the Socialist Skeleton - Season 2
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