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Episode 7: Wellness?

Bones has been preaching health and wellness for the last few months. He based his knowledge in a solid few weeks of instagram reading.

He learnt about #kale and #yoga and #bliss and #bonebroth and #bliss.

And we at Errol St Osteo North Melbourne had thought that he had turned a new page on life.

We had thought that he had left his debaucherous days behind him.

But it appears that whilst he may be preaching health and wellness through the week he is still out partying on Saturday nights.

This photo was sent to us on Sunday. It was taken at 4am on Saturday night. Bones was said to have been in a sprightly mood, a little sniffly and a little keen to keep “kicking on.”

We have yet to discuss this with our recently employed wellness warrior but we will and we will keep you posted.

Errol St Osteo: Is Wondering If It Is Possible For A Skeleton To Change It’s Spots




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Posted in : The Exploits of Bones the Socialist Skeleton - Season 2
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