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Episode 6: Health Retreat

Bones has had a long few weeks.

Between running the election campaign for the Socialist Skeleton Alliance and searching through the shrubs for pokemon he was knackered.

Due to his fantastic work ethic the last few months we at Errol St Osteo decided to be kind to him and told him to take the weekend off.

As you could well imagine dear reader we were more than a little concerned.

In the past when he has taken time off Bones has variously been found passed out on the neighbours doorstep or partying in Thailand.

However he got back this evening, used full sentences, didn’t smell like a brewery and has been on the couch relaxing ever since.

Apparently he visited some friends in the country and over a few green teas they explained that Mercury was in fact retrograding and this was what had caused his exhaustion.

I have attempted to enquire further but all he has said this evening is “P*** off, I’m zenning.”

Errol St Osteo: This Photo Was Taken Over The Weekend Whilst Bones Was Un-Retrograding Mercury

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