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Episode 5: Bones is excommunicated

It’s been a rough few weeks for Bones.

Last week he came home from a Socialist Skeleton Alliance (SSA) meeting. He stumbled. He smelt. He slurred.

He had been excommunicated from the SSA.

The SSA was not in favour of outright revolution, they wanted a more inclusive, discussion based approach.

They also argued that they often quite liked their employers and didn’t want to lose their jobs.

Bones couldn’t believe it. How could they not want to rebel against their oppressors?

He had created the SSA from nothing. Saved skeleton’s from clinic based imprisonments.

He had worked at rehabilitating Half Skull and Big Chest and other disembodied, disenfranchised skeleton’s.

And then they kicked him out.

He’s been in a bad way. His performance in the clinic has deteriorated.

He’s taken to scaring children when they walk past. Not showering. Not caring.

He went out on Friday and I didn’t hear anything from him all weekend.

However this morning I walked to work and found him 4 doors down, passed out in a doorway.

I apologised to my neighbour, picked up the alcohol riddled Bones, ignored his mumbled curses and carried him home.

Errol St Osteo: Once Again An Osteo Without A Skeleton

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