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Episode 4: Bones goes recruiting


After the inaugural SSA party meeting in my living room last week Bones has been busy.

Since returning from the former USSR Bones has been pushing for a Revolution.

He began it in my rooms with our enterprise bargaining disagreement and has now gathered a great number of supporters.

5 skeletons and an addled member of the Socialist Alliance that got the meetings confused.

Last week the Alliance voted to take a cautious path rather than push for open Revolution.

They argued that more numbers were needed before taking to the streets.

This sent Bones into a vodka infused rage at their timid nature however he realises that he cannot do it alone.

And although he could make the captain’s call he has seen others do this without much success.

So Bones and I have been making the rounds drumming up support amongst the skeletal community.

Today was a tough one for Bones. He hadn’t realised that many skeleton’s were frequently dismembered to aid clinicians in their descriptions.

He thought that a musculoskeletal clinic would treat not only their patient’s wholistically but also their skeleton’s.

We met ‘Half a Skull’ and ‘Big Chest’ today.

Errol St Osteo: Has Been Applying Cold Compresses and Giving Therapeutic Doses of Vodka to Bones All Evening

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