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Episode 3: Formation of the Socialist Skeleton Alliance


Bones the Socialist Skeleton is back working for Errol St Osteo.

The negotiations were challenging. Bones pushed and we shoved.

8 nips of vodka and an 8 hour working day is the deal with the kicker that Errol St Osteo will support Bones’ political party the Socialist Skeleton Alliance.

Last night was the first meeting, it was in my living room. Bones was stoked, 4 punters were in attendance.

He rabbited on for far too long, but the audience appeared enraptured and were unmoved by my attempts to move them on.

I’ve set a midnight curfew on future meetings as I expect him to be back in the office at 10am the following morning.

Errol St Osteo: Back at Full Musculoskeletal Education Powers Once Again in 2015

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