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Episode 2: Negotiations Begin


After several heated discussions with Bones on Thursday and Friday little progress has been made.

When Errol St Osteo bought (he prefers the term “employed”) Bones we had thought that we had made a one off investment.

One that would not have ongoing costs.

Clearly Bones and I disagree on this point.

His demands so far have been:
– a 6 hour working day
– no working with children or animals
– vodka ration to be increased to 8 nips per day
– a 60/40 split in profits, in his favour
– free board and no work before midday
– a mobile phone with a tinder account

Errol St Osteo believes these terms to be outrageous and was not part of the bill of sale.

Bones has labelled us as part of the Skeleton Slave Owning Elite and so we are at an impasse.

We promised to consider his terms so long as he came to work this morning.

However he went out for a few drinks with a few Comrades last night and we found him like this on our couch this morning.

Errol St Osteo: Has Not Previously Engaged In Enterprise Bargaining Agreements With Skeletons

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