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Episode 16: Recuperation Continues

We’ve had Bones in the garden this week. Sunshine and hard work are two of the best mood enhancers known to man.

It’s an interesting challenge as an employer that cares about their employees.

We at Errol St Osteo really want to make sure Bones is in a good way emotionally but we also have to do what is best for our company.

Bones when in good form is fantastic to work with. But as we have seen he is a nightmare when things aren’t going so well.

Interestingly the garden has allowed me and Bones to talk more than we have in the past.

He holds his identity close to his bony chest and it concerns him that he never got to find out where he comes from.

The Labor Party he blames for luring him back and then betraying him. He didn’t reply when I mentioned that he had spent most of the money we lent him on spirits in Thailand.

And nor did he reply as to why the Labor Party dropped their potential alliance.

Errol St Osteo: Struggling To Come To Terms With Being Both A Boss And A Friend

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