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Episode 17 – The End

Bones Episode 15 – The End

Errol St Osteo has decided to re-advertise the position of Skeletal Assistant.

As an employer Errol St Osteo requires punctuality, civility and sobriety in our Skeletal Assistant.

Bones has been absent for 180 days this year. He has scared children and abused patients for their perceived prejudice against skeletons.

As an animated skeleton Bones sees his role as that of a defender of non-human rights in society.

But as we at Errol St Osteo have explained he takes this role to personally and it affects not only his work output but his personal relationships.

He has taken the news as well as you would expect.

Gin, broken glasses, chairs thrown across the room, vindictive slurs about osteos being glorified masseuses.

Awful stuff.

We at Errol St Osteo sincerely wish the best for Bones in the future and hope that he is able to find his own path to happiness and tranquility.

Errol St Osteo: Wishes Bones and Everyone Else The Very Best For 2016

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Posted in : The Exploits of Bones the Socialist Skeleton - Season 1
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