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Episode 14 – A Flashback

Before the trip to the former USSR Bones was just a regular skeleton, he loved his sport, his mates and bad shirts.

Errol St Osteo had placed an advert with a job agency in mid 2014 looking for a skeletal assistant.

Bones saw the ad and applied.

In the interview we noticed that he had worked for 3 years on the career train as a display skeleton at a pharmacy.

Which had been a good job Bones explained but that he had burnt himself out trying to climb the corporate ladder.

So to find himself and determine what his priorities were he had spent the previous 12 months working in bars, partying a bit and doing yoga.

On seeing Errol St Osteo’s ad he saw an opportunity to work within a good team environment, learn a bit and help the public understand their bodies on a higher level.

He was such a cheerful happy go lucky chap that we couldn’t help but offer him the job.

This photo was taken just as we explained that we would love him to join the team at Errol St Osteo.

Errol St Osteo: Has Been Learning The Importance Of Effective Interviewing Techniques

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