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Episode 11: Bones Leads a Late Night Rally

After 2 long years of campaigning for an international standard for the treatment of skeletons Bones and the Socialist Skeleton Alliance have changed tacks.
And last night was the biggest rally they have conducted. Bones was nervous but pretended not to be.
He did some meditation, had some #kale juice to warm up and then stepped up to the platform.
In front of him were masses of skeletons (at least 10) and they cheered his every word.
Why should Australian Skeletons be trying to improve the lot of foreign skeletons?!
Why should Australian Skeletons lose their jobs to foreign skeletons?!
Why should Australian skeletons change their language to make a foreign skeleton feel better?!
Australian Skeletons are Great, they have always been Great but the PC brigade of mass media has taken them the wrong way.
Skelly Skelly Skelly Oi Oi, Oi!
Skelly Oi!
Skelly Skelly Skelly Oi Oi Oi!
Errol St Osteo: Is Worried About The Rights of Skeletons in this Post Truth World
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Posted in : The Exploits of Bones the Socialist Skeleton - Season 2
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