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Episode 1 – A Socialist Skeleton Uprising

We’re back! I’ve had a lovely 3 weeks enjoying Australia at it’s finest and am ready to get back to work.

Bones went to Russia for his holiday. He left saying he was going to see the sights, catch the trains, take in St Petersburg and have a vodka or two.

Instead he spent 3 weeks in an underground dive bar hanging out with a bunch of old jaded communists.

I’m now stuck in an enterprise bargaining discussion with him. He’s slurring and argumentative.

Apparently he doesn’t want to have to work for the ‘Man’ anymore.

He says that skeletons have been exploited the world over and that he’s going to begin a revolution unless I agree to his new working conditions.

Appointments are now available, however explanations using Bones are on hold until the negotiations have been resolved.

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