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Episode 1 – A Meeting

It’s been a steady year at Errol St Osteo. There have been injuries and maladies, rehabilitation and education combined with manipulation.

But since parting ways with Bones we have been without a Skeletal Assistant.

Whilst we have had a few applicants for the position none have brought the right combination of skills and experience.

Fortunately Errol St Osteo is pleased to announce that Bones got in touch last week requesting a meeting.

We had a meeting last night that ran into the wee hours.

Whisky was not drunk. Nor was vodka.

Initially we were sceptical about Bones and his proposal however ever the bleeding hearts we at Errol St Osteo have decided to give him another chance.

Bones will once again be coming on board as a skeletal assistant.

But what he really wants to bring to the company is social media presence.

He has seen the popularity of the wellness warriors and believes this is a market in which his skills could enhance Errol St Osteo.

Errol St Osteo: Is Looking Forward To Seeing Bones’ Health Advice Throughout 2016

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