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Episode 2: Preparation

Episode 2: Preparation

It’s been an interesting week. Bones has been back in North Melbourne helping our patients with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain explanations but he has been a bit frantic in his spare time.

He has been nose-in-phone trawling through social media, racing around with a yoga mat or concocting strange juices before meditating at sunset.

Errol St Osteo is a little concerned that Bones doesn’t actually have any qualifications or experience in the health/science industry.

However when broached Bones gets a bit agitated. He sees this as another example of my speciest prejudice shining through.

Who am I to say that a plastic skeleton can’t make a wellness blogger? Why is that only beautiful people are allowed to give health advice?

Errol St Osteo: Is A Little Concerned That Bones May Overdose On Wellness in 2016

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