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Bones Episode 9: A Broody Skeleton Makes Plans

We’ve been in hibernation Bones and I over the last month.

Me with external roles from the clinic, Bones with caffeine infused research.

He’s searching for his family, he wants to know where he comes from.

Which is fair enough. But I’m feeling a little like a parent that has avoided chatting about the birds and the bees, for years.

How do you tell reactionary skeleton that he comes from a bloke called Joe from a place called Ebay?

Either way Bones has made plans.

He’s heading off overseas on Thursday.

He refuses to show me the itinerary but I have heard him ranting at the computer late at night.

He has taken a serious dislike to the anatomists of the UK and I won’t repeat what he has to say about India.

Errol St Osteo: Helping Skeletons Find Their Families in 2015


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