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Bones Episode 8: Greyhound Racing, How Low Can One Skeleton Go?

It’s been a while between posts. We at Errol St Osteo had been hoping that this next post would full of beautiful tales of sunset beach side walks.

But alas Bones has not ventured far, physically or emotionally, beyond the TAB.

He gave up on Tinder as yet another example of the oppressive homo sapien centric world he suffers within.

I came home today and discovered him with a filthy cap, a form guide, a beer and re-runs of the greyhound races running on the projector.

However there are positive signs ahead.

Bones has expressed interest in knowing more about who he is, where he comes from, who his parents are.

Now, as you surely can imagine these are difficult topics for anyone, let alone an emotionally fragile and addiction prone skeleton.


Errol St Osteo: Bought Bones a Skelecat To Keep Him Company, They Are Inseperable.

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Posted in : The Exploits of Bones the Socialist Skeleton - Season 1
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