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Bones Episode 7: Dating Disappointments

Bones’ is trying his best to find a suitable partner with the dating app Tinder.

He’s been swiping so much that he has busted through Errol St Osteo’s data limit.

But it isn’t easy being an animated skeleton in a homo sapien dominated world.

There has been a lot of prejudice against Bones and we are concerned that what began as a confidence boosting exercise may do the opposite.

Although Bones has said that he has had millions of matches and claims to have been on a few dates we at Errol St Osteo can attest to Bones being very good at FIFA.

He did have one date where he came back fuming. Something about a human pretending to be a skeleton. Them not understanding the challenges of being an actual skeleton.

To no avail Errol St Osteo explained that he should be empathetic toward those with body dysmorphia conditions.

But excitingly Bones has a date with a bona fide skeletal babe tonight.

It’s currently 10am. His date is at 8pm.

Errol St Osteo: Has Been Assured Repeatedly That Bones Is Not Nervous



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