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Bones Episode 11 – Bones’ Layover Gets Extended

North Melbourne favourite and Errol St Osteo’s “Searching-for-my-ancestors-whilst-on-emotional-leave” employee, Bones, has finally made contact.

His 3 day stop over in Bangkok has turned into a 3 week ‘spiritual journey’ through the Thai islands.

We’re not sure how many spirits he has consumed on his journey.

What is known is hazy.

Errol St Osteo has received several emails from jewellers in Thailand as well as a few hotel owners.

All are requesting financial surety for a character called Boney Banbino.

We’ve been hesitant about responding before Bones replies to our enquiries.

So far all we know is that Bones has been seeing temples, eating culture, wearing UV paint and eating spicy food.

Errol St Osteo: Small Business Candidate For “Employer of the Year 2015”

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