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Episode 12 – Labor and The Socialist Skeleton Alliance: A Coalition?

The last we’d heard from Bones was when he sent a selfie from his ‘spiritual’ journey through the Thai Islands.

That was 6 weeks ago and we had begun to worry.

However he got back in touch today.

Apparently in light of Malcolm Turnball’s knife wielding ascension to the position of PM the Labor Party is concerned.

They need more votes and they need to find new areas to garner those votes.

So in attempt to woo the lefty, greeny, equality-preaching pinko’s the Labor Party got in contact with the Socialist Skeleton Alliance (SSA).

Although Bones was unceremoniously dumped by the SSA he is also still the point of contact for the SSA and flew back immediately.

They welcomed him with bony wide open arms.

Bones represented the SSA in a meeting with Bill Shorten yesterday.

The SSA are staunch believers in a minimum wage, 15% super and skeleternity leave for skeletal employees across the country.

Errol St Osteo received an email that outlined the above information and concluded with:

“Up yours, you totalitarian, slave driving skeleton-ist, both the PM and the Labor Leader love me, I quit!”

We did not have the heart to mention that political leaders in Australia tend to use their allies backs to store their knives in.

Errol St Osteo: Does Not Endorse Bones Appropriating A Single Black Glove In This Photo And Has Informed The SSA Of Our View


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